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All workshopsWorkshop 1. Everyday Aromatherapy

  • Discover the World of Aromatherapy
  • How essential oils work
  • Everyday uses & Benefits of essential oils
  • Learn about how to apply essential oils
  • Mini meditation to reduce stress
  • Learn how to make a Himalayan salt scrub using essential oils & Lavender & Aloe Vera spritz

WORKSHOP 2 Fight the Winter Colds and Flu

  • Fight the Winter Colds and Flu with Essential Oils
  • Learn how essential oils can protect you from viruses
  • Anti-infectious properties of Essential Oils
  • The benefits of steam inhalations to relieve Congestion, sinus, coughs.
  • Immune Stimulant Essential Oils and how they work.

WORKSHOP 3 Managing Everyday stress

  • Manage stress and mild anxiety with essential oils
  • Learn about the calming and relaxing properties of Roman Chamomile, Mandarin and Marjoram.
  • Experience a deep breathing exercise using aromatics
  • Various ways to reduce stress and help promote calmness.

Aroma of Wellness therapists are all trained professionals fully qualified in the theory and practice of essential oil science and practice application of aromatherapy for specific health conditions.


Only pure essential oils extracted from aromatic plant material by steam distillation or mechanical expression are used.


Aromatherapy has a relatively low toxicity profile when administered by inhalation or diluted topical application

Oil bottle and orchid - Aroma of WellnessHow to use Essential Oils

Essential Oils are predominantly used two ways in Australia:

  1. Diffusing; and
  2. Applying to skin e.g. soles of feet or wrists, or through massage

I predominantly use Young Living Essential Therapeutic Grade Oils in my practice.

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