How to have healthy nails naturally

How to have healthy nailsUnhealthy Nails

You’ll notice that the nails are mostly white with darker rims, this can indicate liver problems, such as hepatitis.

Did you know that your fingernails can be a window into the health of your body?

Many times changes in the shape, or colour, look, of your finger nails can indicate a nutritional deficiency or disease somewhere in the body long before other symptoms manifest themselves.

How to have healthy nailsThis is one reason why you should not ignore your nails, but use them as an early warning signal for your health.

Below are a few nutritional deficiencies that can be made manifest through your nails:


  • Cuts, cracks in nails may indicate the need for more water indicate.
  • Hang nails could be a sign of a lack of vitamins, minerals or protein
  • Abnormally thick nails might be due to poor blood circulation.
  • Dark nails that are flat or thin can be a sign of vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Healthy nails are pink on the nail bed indicating a rich blood supply. Its important to care for your nails properly because it takes approximately 7 months to fully grow a fingernail!
  • There are essential oils available that can help keep your nails healthy.
  • Such as Lemongrass, frankincense, lemon and myrrh can be applied topically to nourish the nails. There are also several herbs that provide the body with nutrients specific for the nails,
  • These include alfalfa, oat straw, and dandelion.

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