Vibrational Frequency – Essential Oils – The Life Force of a Plant

Quoted from Linda Smith’s Newsletter, Essential Oils Consulting • 7755 Umber Ct. Arvada,


Linda Smith“Life isn’t standing still—it is teeming with movement that creates a vibrational frequency. Since our human bodies are alive with movement, it only stands to reason that anything in nature (also teeming with movement) has the potential to affect our vibrational frequency. Each plant has its own unique frequency that keeps it in harmony with all of nature. When we eat plants and herbs we take on their energy (vibration) and in turn, it affects our own vibratory level.

Essential oils are the bio-energy or life-force within the plants. They don’t resonate with toxins in our bodies which are why when we use oils through inhalation, skin application or taking them internally, they assist in driving toxins out. Neither do we find essential oils resonating with toxic or negative emotions – which explain why they are able to heal long forgotten traumas, allowing them to surface so they can be dealt with appropriately.

Do we have the science to back this up? Just talk to the physicists! There is a growing body of information on the role of essential oils in vibrational healing. Jim Oschman PhD in his book “Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis” refers to natural substances from the plant kingdom as “energetic pharmacology”. You might ask yourself—are the components in pharmaceutical agents alive or dead? The answer should be obvious and so ask yourself if dead substances help or hurt the living body! ——“Helichyrsum Essential Oil (Helichyrsum angustifola var. italicum) “

Helichrysum is one of those fairly expensive oils that is a must to have in your medicinal arsenal. It’s expensive because this Italian straw flower (also called Everlasting or Immortelle) doesn’t give up its essential oil readily and so it takes tons of flowers to get a small amount of oil. Helichrysum has become extremely important oil for the Aromatherapist because of its ability to aid in stopping bleeding. I use it to support the body deal with bruising through its detoxifying properties. It can support the body with all kinds of traumas from injuries resulting bleeding or bruising to viruses that come out on the skin at nerve endings. In fact, helichrysum has been shown to be helpful for supporting the skin with many conditions. It helps the body as a liver protectant, detoxifier, and stimulant. It is known to chelate chemicals and toxins, and even to regenerate nerves.

Helichrysum can be applied on location, temples, forehead, back of the neck or outside of the ear. It can be applied directly to trauma areas and it can be directly inhaled, diffused or taken as a dietary supplement. As for safety, Helichrysum is non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-sensitizing.

The Frequency of essential oils can depend on many variables:

  • How the plants were raised
  • How they were harvested
  • How the oil was processed
  • How it is stored & age of the product –Know your company where you get your oils and choose a company that guarantees seed to seal purity.


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