Why use a Cold Air Diffuser?

Why use a cold air diffuserSimply, if you have bought therapeutic grade oils to use why would you want to destroy their goodness by heat… especially after sourcing a particular oil or oils for your needs?

A cold air diffuser is designed to atomize a micro fine mist of essential oils into the air, where they can remain suspended for several hours. Unlike aroma lamps, or candles a diffuser disperses essential oil without heating or burning which can render the oil therapeutically less beneficial and can create toxin compounds.


Research shows that cold air diffusing certain essential oils may:-

  1. Reduce bacteria, fungus, mould and unpleasant smells
  2. Relax the body, relieve tension and clear the mind
  3. Improve concentration alertness and mental clarity
  4. Improve hormonal balance
  5. Relieve headaches


Diffused oils alter the structure of molecules that create odors rather than masking them increasing oxygen availability and produce negative ions and release natural ozone.

Many oils such as lemongrass, orange, melaleuca, eucalyptus, lavender and frankincense along with many blended oils are extremely effective for eliminating and destroying airborne germs and bacteria.

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