Essential Oils

Palo Santo – the perfect remedy

Palo Santo 1 - Aroma of Wellness

Palo Santo meaning “Holy Wood “has many similarities to Frankincense in that it is considered by the people of Ecuador and Peru to be a spiritual oil and many locals use it to drive away negative energies. It is grounding and calming, releasing negative emotions such as anger, and fear, with a sweet, balsamic and…

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Vibrational Frequency – Essential Oils – The Life Force of a Plant

Quoted from Linda Smith’s Newsletter, Essential Oils Consulting • 7755 Umber Ct. Arvada, VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY – ESSENTIAL OILS THE LIFE FORCE OF A PLANT “Life isn’t standing still—it is teeming with movement that creates a vibrational frequency. Since our human bodies are alive with movement, it only stands to reason that anything in nature (also…

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Jade Lemon

Article from Linda Smith “As winter wears on us, our bodies take a beating—muscle aches, skin dryness, and GI disturbances not to mention all the respiratory stresses with colds, flu and bronchitis. A new favorite oil already of mine is Jade Lemon™. This fruit has been used by Asians for centuries to invigorate, uplift,…

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How to improve memory

There are proven methods to learn how to improve your memory. What is MEMORY? Memories are stored in different places within the brain, depending upon what kind they are. There are three phases of memory – encoding, storage and recall. The ‘encoding’ phase of memory involves the taking in of information through our senses. The…

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How do I know the best application for an oil?

How do I know the best application for an oil

This is a question often asked, and my response to this is: “What do you want the oil to do?” Firstly what are the potential applications for an oil? Topical Diffused Direct Inhalation Ingested – Since not all essential oils have been approved as supplements everywhere, so we may choose to skip that thought unless…

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