Aloe Vera

Grace Aloe Massage Lotion

Grace Aloe Massage Lotion with the Active ingredient of Wintergreen is truly is a gem! Fantastic for those annoying headaches. – When you have woken up with stiff neck and shoulders simply apply some of this magic and it will assist greatly in shifting the pain. Just apply a small amount to temples or base…

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Aloe Vera Juice

Pro-Ma - Aloe Juice (Lemon & Lime) - Aroma of Wellness

Myself and members of my family and friends have found Aloe Vera Juice assists in lowering cholesterol. It can also be used for an upset stomach, nausea and biliousness. Just take about 40ml undiluted to settle the stomach.  It will show results Incredibly quick!  Usually one to two doses does the trick. If you are…

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